Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surya wins Wyclef's 'More Bottles' Twitter Remix Competition

Multi-platinum recording artist Wyclef Jean has announced the ten artist who have won his 'More Bottles' Twitter Remix Competition. Included in the ten is Surya, who is the only Canadian artist. The contest consist of all winners recording the remix for 'More Bottles' with Wyclef at Platinum Studios in New York City on July 25, 2009. The original for 'More Bottles' was produced by Timbaland.

Take a listen to Surya's bubble tweet entry.

About Surya
Surya is the meeting of two musical worlds, urban and spiritual. The innovative melodies to which Surya creates are inspired from playing the piano, guitar and programs such as Reason, Logic and Garage Band. Whether singing in Hindi to an Indian classical music crowd, collaborating with hip hop artist or leading kirtan at yoga studios, her genuinely sunny disposition and boundless energy shines through to create an experience that is healing and uplifting. Her gift truly brings joy to all who have experienced, “The Surya Sound.”