Friday, January 8, 2010

Timebomb's new office is Eco Friendly with Design

Walking through the doors of Timebomb you'll notice all the different art work of which Garret Louie is a big fan and supporter of. Timebomb Trading has murals under stairways, paper-mache monsters playing in trees, scantily-clad male to female who are placed in the boardroom and more.

When it came to designing the new office of Timebomb they decided on preserving the raw building structure and draw from the natural elements. Timebomb also has taken the initiative towards being eco friendly by recycled plywood to TOTO low-flush toilets, Greenguard-rated office chairs and more.

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Timebomb Trading Art

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Timebomb Trading Build

For interviews with Timebomb on Eco Initiatives and Design contact