Monday, August 23, 2010

OMG it's SAVAGE BEATS from The Hastings Set

His creativity is astounding and he's been making music since 2000. His mentors are both DJs Kemo and Flipout.

He's worked with Checkmate, Concise, Lamar Ashe (Killawatt Records), Heat Wave (Killawatt Records), Red 1 (Rascalz/Killawatt Records), Zaki Ibrahim (Sony Music), Chin Injeti (The Hastings Set), DJ Kemo (Rascalz/Vanguards/Those MFs), DJ Flipout(The Beat 94.5/Those MFs/Los Hermanos Libres).

He is now part of The Hastings Set and is Chin's 'secret weapon'.

SAVAGE BEATS is who I am talking about!

Savage Beats just recently finished producing a remix to Usher's "OMG"

Download it here:

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