Sunday, November 2, 2008

Month of October.... SON!!!

What up peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope Everyone had a safe, amazing Halloween Jenno and I did lol any-who here's a little recap of October!! It was a big ol month for GoGetters from working with GMAN AND RIZK, STARTING FROM SCRATCH, & RG, to Kapin' Kirk coming to town too MY BIG OL BIRTHDAY BASH which may I add was a month long ( no joke ask any of my girls lol) oh yes and well the best part was celebrating my big day with my sister/bestfriend/co worker/ go to person JENNO!! came home!!! yayyy!! ( yes and you too sk but you live here lol heart you son!)

A big thank you too everyone who came out on both Friday the 10th night( JENNO's HOME COMING!) @ the modern and a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to PLUSH( now GOSSIP) on Saturday the 11th!! Not only was it my big ol pre birthday jam it was seriously a night to remember!!

The weekend after that was another one to remember, DJ FASHEN was @ Plush ( gossip) on saturday the 18th and boy did he kill it! I have not seen a DJ play that type of ish in vancouver in my life!! Thank god for GREAT DJS!! after that Jenno, Sk and myself hit up the Plaza club where DJ TANNER ( Faction Sound Crew) was spinning and from what I can remember it was sick he played sade! No one plays her in clubs in Van ever!!! ( High five for playing her sir ;)!)

And for 2nd BEST weekend of October had to me my Birthday weekend! for those of you who don't know it was my real birthday jam and well It was one for the books am I right ladies LOL well jeez just look at the pics! I sprained my ankle at the end of the night ( I believe we where walking from the Plaza lol but I do know we started of at plush shout out to Flip n Jay you two are thee best!) well lets just say IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!! lol oh yes it was!! From the way it went I kinda pieced my night together and is still trying to figure it out lol
( shout out to jenny and chirstie i stole your pics lol)

once again!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT EVERY WEEKEND IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER!!! and a huge shout out to everyone who took part in taking care of m drunk ass on my birthday lol yezzir! ;)