Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super 7 DJs on Tilted Acid Jazz with the Party Over Here.

This is my fist post for our blog! Wowzers is right. LOL. To top it off its 1:34am! One thing I'd like for you to know about me is that I am heavy into mixtapes and I am a huge fan of DJS!

Super 7 DJs

Get Ready for 7 different sounds! The mix is finally done and is bonkers! Other sets from heavyhitters Fashen, Spider, Excel, Vinsol, The Bladerunners, and of course Jayceeoh."



And if you are checking out South By South West. Check these guys out!

DJ Tilt Acid Jazz

I love house and brazilian music. Tilt does a wicked job with this one podcast. By far my favorite from him. This kid knows what he is doing. Keep a look out for him.

Download his Acid Jazz podcast at http://www.djtilt.ca/podcast

Lastly, my BIG HOMIE DJ TANNER did a sick ass mixtape! 'PARTY OVER HERE'
Combo of electro/hip hop nicely put together. And I do mean this! Follow me on twitter if you don't believe me...JennoChand :)