Monday, June 8, 2009


Prior to the JUNOS in Vancouver, BC, I got to find out what sets 'World Famous DJ Starting From Scratch' apart from every other DJ and how he's wanting to produced again.

He's known for 'Doin' it Like No Other' and being Flow 93.5 'Mix Show Magician.' He also has the reputation for being 'Canada's number one DJ.' He's pretty much your favorite DJs favorite DJ. No Joke!

DJ Starting From Scratch's resume is very impressive and to some highly inspirational. He's the official tour DJ for Russell Peters, Keisha Chante and toured with Usher for his 'One Night Stand Tour.' Clinton Sparks has asked him to be apart of his 'Smash Squad DJ Crew' and he's the only Canadian Representative for DJ Whoo Kid's 'Shadyville DJ's Coalition.' This man has won every single award you can possibly think of for a DJ and has worked with John Legend, Faith Evans, Amerie, Beenie Man, Kardinal Offishal and more in studio. For his 15 year anniversary as a DJ he was awarded gold and platinum records from Virgin, BMG and Universal. You can only wonder what he will receive for his 20 year anniversary.

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